Retail Execution and Monitoring App enables the execution of in-store activities

Trade Force provides a complete retail execution and monitoring technology that identifies tasks and enables the execution of in-store activities.

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Mobility Creating Results

Today many businesses have employees who visit outside customers or points of purchase (POP), these companies face many problems measuring the efficiency and performance of their work. More than just overseeing the operational implementation of the field teams ́ activities, it is also critical to deliver strategic information to enable them to perform the activities in the POS with greater efficiency.

With our app for smartphones and our cloud-based system, it is our main concern to fill segment deficiencies through a complete management solution for Trade Marketing field teams and to provide intelligent results in an integrated manner.

Meet some of our solutions:

Keeps Track of Routes and Geotargeted Visits

On the street, Trade Marketing teams can update their managers about the status of visits in real time, ensuring more efficiency and visibility of the entire team.

Creates Custom Forms for Data Gathering

Switch from complex forms to simple to fill out, intuitive screens. Streamline the process of data gathering and control at the POP.

Presents Dashboards and KPIs Updated in Real Time

Determine which indicators need to be monitored and allow our App to collect data and update them in real time. View only what is truly important to you, in an easy way.

Validates Virtual Stock

Increase your sales by making virtual inventory information available to field merchandisers for on sight verification.

Researches Prices and Oversees Competition

Monitor pricing and competition information daily, viewing the results in panels adapted to answer your needs.

Captures and Controls Territory and Material Expansion

Motivating staff through incentive programs that are based on achievements within the POP has become a simple task with our App.